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Our handheld refractometers can be broadly divided into two categories: analog and digital. 

Digital Refractometers

Our digital hand-held refractometers offer a convinient way to measure samples. No more guessing where the boundary line is - these units give readings as numbers. This also eliminates subjectivity and individual differences. Going digital also saves time and effort. 

PAL Series

The PAL series is the original pocket refractometer. 

PR Series

Pallette style units that offer accuracy and convinience. 

PEN Series

Pen-style handheld refractometers that you can dip directly into your samples for the ultimate in convience. 

QR Series

Suction-type refractometers for volatile or potentially hazardous samples. Includes models specifically for sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. 

Analog Refractometers

Analog provides a simple and afforadable way to measure samples. No fuss and no batteries to worry about. 


ATAGO's MASTER series represents the ultimate in hand-held refractometer function, operation, and design. Simple to operate and easy to take care of, the MASTER series will have you feeling like, well, a master. 

Other Analog Instruments



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Cat & Dog Urine Specific Gravity


Brix 0.0-93.0 % and RI 1.3306-1.5284

Was: $900.00
Now: $540.00

Urea 0.0-55.0%

Was: $370.00
Now: $222.00

Salinity Digital Refractometer 0-100‰

Was: $370.00
Now: $222.00

Soy Milk 0.0-20.0%

Was: $370.00
Now: $222.00

Ethyl alcohol : 0.0 to 53.0%



Protect and nurture the health of your livestock and newborn calves!

The ideal Brix level for colostrum (first milk) is 20% and above.


Non-Fat Milk Solids 0.0 to 23.0%


Brix 0.0-33.00 Atutomatic Temperature Compensation, Plastic Body

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For tea and other brewed beverages.

Brix: 0.00 to 25.00%


Sulfuric Acid: 0.0 to 35.0%

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Serum protein: 0.0 to 12.0g/100ml


Dual scales of electrical conductivity (mS/cm) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) (ppm)

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Soup concentration 0.0 to 33.0%, Kansui (Baume) 0.0 to 10.0


12.0 to 30.0% Honey Moisture

58.0% to 90.0% Brix

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