RePo-5 Portable Refractometer + Polarimeter


The RePo-5 can determine refractive index (nD).

In addition to angle of rotation and Brix, the RePo-5 can also display the refractive index (nD) of a sample. 
The RePo-5 is ideal for quality control in various industries such as fragrances, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical.


A fusion of refractive index and optical rotation - Making the invisible, visible-





Model RePo-5 Cat.No. 5015
Measurement Range

 Angle of Rotation: -5.00 to +5.00˚,                -25.00~25.00° (Equivalent to 100mm observation tube.)
-50.00~50.00° (Equivalent to 200mm observation tube.)
Brix : 0.0 to 85.0%
Refractive index : 1.3300 to 1.5080
Temperature : 15.0 to 40.0℃


Angle of Rotation : 0.01°
Brix : 0.1%
Refractive index : 0.0001
Temperature : 0.1℃

Measurement Accuracy Angle of Rotation : ±0.1° (at 20℃)
Brix : ±0.2%
Refractive index : ±0.0003 (at 20℃)
Temperature : ±1℃
Ambient Temperature 15 to 40°C
Temperature Compensation Range Brix : 15 to 40℃ Sample Volume 3ml
Power Supply AAA x 4
Measurement Time 12 seconds Dimensions & Weight 101 x 160 x 38mm, 325g (Excluding optional accessories)
Measurement Wavelength 589nm (equivalent to the sodium-D line spectrum)
International Protection Class  IP67


Measurement Method


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