ATAGO Launches the DOM-24 Frying Oil Monitor

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) May 04, 2016


ATAGO is pleased to announce the DOM-24, a new device for monitoring the quality of cooking oil for frying. Drawing on over 70 years of experience in manufacturing optimal quality control solutions for a wide variety of markets, the DOM-24 is designed to help chefs know exactly when to change their oil to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, to let oil manufacturers test the quality their product, and help regulatory agencies establish best practices for their respective industries.


Frying oil is changed periodically because the quality of the oil degrades as a natural part of the cooking process. This degradation can be monitored by measuring the Total Polar Molecules (TPM) present in the ageing oil. The DOM-24 measures the dielectric constant of heated cooking oil and fats and converts them into TPM at temperatures from 104 to 374°F (40 to 190°C). A TPM reading of 25.0% or higher is widely considered to indicate that the oil is no longer suitable for continued use.


The DOM-24’s slim, low-profile design fits easily into any space, while its metal and glass construction makes it as attractive as it is durable. Two AAA batteries power the device, which features a large, easy to read LED display that requires just a single button to operate. Minimal training is required to get quick, accurate measurements as often as necessary.


For more information about the DOM-24, please visit this page.


ABOUT ATAGO: An industry leader in optical equipment manufacturing, ATAGO continues to innovate and improve on instrumentation to benefit Quality Control professionals and the entire scientific community. ATAGO's extensive product line can be found in over 150 countries around the world in labs, out in the field, and everywhere in-between.



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