ATAGO Presents New Portable Viscometry Alternative

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) January 05, 2016

Utilizing over 70 years of industry experience in optical instrument manufacturing and research into the science of viscometry, ATAGO presents the VISCO™, an innovative alternative to traditional viscometry. The VISCO™, a highly portable instrument for measuring viscosity, is capable of tackling a variety of samples in multiple applications, from quality control in food science to industrial materials processing.

The VISCO™ tests for viscosity of a fluid by measuring the torque required to rotate a spindle at a speed set by the user. This measurement is often used as a benchmark in quality control testing for a variety of products.

A compact design and capability to be powered by AA batteries allows the VISCO™ to be used in laboratory settings as well as out “in the field.” The simplistic and intuitive control panel makes for easy operation, and a Mini USB connection port makes for easy data export to a PC.

For more information on the VISCO™, please visit the following website here.

ABOUT ATAGO: Industry leaders in optical equipment manufacturing, ATAGO continues to innovate and improve on instrumentation to benefit the whole scientific community. Its extensive product line can be found in over 150 countries around the world in labs, out in the field, and everywhere in-between.

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