Dip-style Digital Refractometers: Why Athletic Trainers are Making the Switch

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) March 08, 2013

Any high school athletic trainer will tell you that current NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) guidelines for high school wrestler weigh-in require a urine specific gravity test done by a refractometer or test strip to assess if wrestlers are properly hydrated. However, if you ask them which method they prefer, the clear answer is a dip-style digital refractometer.

This is for a number of reasons but perhaps the biggest is something quite simple. Testers do not have to hold urine up to their eye, as in the case of a traditional analog refractometer, and can avoid the messiness of using urine test strips, which must be soaked in the urine sample. The PEN-Wrestling simply dips directly into the urine sample and takes a measurement without the need to transfer sample via spoon or pipette.

But this hygienic aspect is not the only reason for the switch. Test strips have a reputation of giving both false negatives and positives. In fact, an article published in the Journal of Athletic Training found that strips produced 15% false positives and 9% false negatives. This means that a wrestler who is dehydrated could pass the test and be allowed to compete, defeating the purpose of the urine test in the first place. It also means that a perfectly hydrated wrestler could be disqualified. The accuracy of a digital refractometer prevents such things from happening, and by digitally displaying the measurement, it also prevents user error related to misreading colors or lines.

The time it takes to measure a large number of wrestlers can also be cut dramatically with the use of a unit like the PEN-Wrestling. Test strips must be dipped in the sample and an then assessors must wait 30 seconds before the result can be read with any accuracy. And one must not forget delays caused by the difficulty of matching colors and trying to read the results. The dip-style PEN-Wrestling on the other hand, can provide an easy-to-read measurement in 2 or 3 seconds, meaning that the hydration part of the weigh-in process can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Some may argue that the upfront costs for a digital refractometer are quite high. However, it’s good to keep in mind that test strips have an expiration date. Even if the expiration date were a year from purchase, this means that buying in bulk wouldn't necessarily save money because they would expire before they’re able to be used. Also, once a bottle is open, they must be used within a restricted time frame. A refractometer on the other hand, is a one-time purchase that can be safely stored in a drawer when not in use, with no worries of expiration.

The above reasons are why athletic trainers have been switching from test strips to dip-style digital refractometers in the past few years. Not only are they more hygienic and accurate, they also save time and are cheaper in the long run.

ATAGO has been the trusted brand for refractometers worldwide for over 70 years. The extensive product line-up includes a strong line of clinical devices, such as the PEN-Wrestling and PAL-10S, which are specifically tailored for testing urine specific gravity. Models to test serum protein and refractive index are available as well. These best-selling ‘Pocket’ and 'PEN' digital models, which are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, are famous for their quality, accuracy, design, and simplicity.

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    Embassy security has been a high profile point of discussion in foreign policy circles following the attack on the diplomatic compound at Benghazi last September. A unit of 500 Marines remains stationed in Spain and Italy to serve as a quick reaction force to a similar kind of attack.
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    “White” military men, in teams of three, entered Westgate carrying specialist rifles. They were later identified as Israeli commandos. The Kenyan recce group went back inside, some carrying rocket-propelled grenade launchers. Over the next two hours, two loud explosions were heard.
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    Fluke fanciers are also still smiling, although the ratio of keeper-sized specimens to throwback seems to be lessening a bit. Locally, flatties abound in both Sheepshead and Jamaica bays as well as as at the usual spots such as North Channel and Marine Parkway Bridges.
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    More than one hundred national, regional and local politicians were investigated for links with the AUC and other paramilitaries as part of scandal known as the "parapolitics". Dozens of those accused have been convicted.
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    Younger American adults appear to confirm this, according to the poll. About one third of Americans under the age of 30 who have a partner or spouse are in a relationship with someone of a different race, compared to one tenth of Americans over 30. And only one in 10 adults under 30 say no one among their families, friends or coworkers is of a different race, less than half the rate for Americans as a whole.
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    Major League Baseball is threatening to kick A-Rod out of the game for life unless the New York star agrees not to fight a lengthy suspension for his role in the sport's latest drug scandal, according to a person familiar with the discussions.
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    "Tomorrow, the Senate will do exactly what we said we woulddo and reject these measures," said Adam Jentleson, a spokesmanfor Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "At that point,Republicans will be faced with the same choice they have alwaysfaced: put the Senate's clean funding bill on the floor and letit pass with bipartisan votes, or force a Republican governmentshutdown."
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    Patriota, Kerry's Brazilian counterpart, praised the American diplomat's months of effort to get face-to-face Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. But he also made clear where his government stands on Israeli construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
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    With more than 700 locations over 10 states, it’s a shame that Whataburger hasn’t made its way up north. A Texas favorite and number six on the Daily Meal’s list of 10 Best Chain Burgers, Whataburger has classic fast-food options in addition to seasonal favorites like avocado and specialty burgers with jalapeños and cheese.
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    She is credited with leading Europe safely through the debtcrisis and ensuring Germany economic growth and an unemploymentrate that is near post-unification lows. Steinbrueck, who arguesthat Merkel has spread income inequality, wants higher taxes onthe rich and a minimum wage of 8.50 euros an hour.
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    Egyptians pride themselves on their hospitality and openness to other cultures, and I see this when I am with my Egyptian friends and their families. But on the street, it's a totally different story. This promotion of xenophobia might serve the military's short-term political interests, but it will not be an easy thing to turn off, and it could derail any attempts to revive the tourist industry.
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    The Serious Fraud Office originally declined to investigate the Libor scandal, while the Financial Services Authority was seen as having been sluggish to act, giving the impression that Wall Street's watchdogs were making all the running.
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    "Whilst all leaders will need to accept this change as we go forward, we will be talking with leaders who are anxious and working with them to help resolve any difficulties. We sincerely hope it won’t be necessary for anybody to leave the organisation.”
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    Parents, for their part, have mixed feelings about having an armed presence on campus. Renee Lindberg has three children in Pembroke Pines schools, each now staffed with a full-time school resource officer.
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