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ATAGO Launches PAL-Easy SALT Pocket Salt Meter for Healthy Living



Bellevue, WA May 23, 2016


ATAGO is pleased to announce the PAL-Easy SALT, a consumer-focused digital salt meter designed for anyone with an interest in controlling their sodium intake. The PAL-Easy SALT brings ATAGO’s eight decades of experience in manufacturing professional quality control solutions into the home, allowing individuals and families to quickly and accurately measure the salt content of the foods they eat.


Excessive salt consumption has been linked to various health risks, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, arrhythmia, and heart disease. Measuring the amount of salt in foods at home is a great way to monitor and adjust daily sodium intake. The PAL-Easy SALT uses two electrodes to measure the conductivity of any liquefied sample to quickly and easily determine the amount of salt present.


The PAL-Easy SALT features a rugged, compact design that fits into any kitchen space, and can easily stand up to constant use. IP65 water resistance means that the PAL-Easy SALT can be rinsed under running water for easy cleanup. Two AAA batteries power the device, which features a large, easy to read LED display and requires just a single button to operate.


For more information, please visit the PAL-Easy SALT product page.

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