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ATAGO to Showcase Cutting-Edge Refractometers, Polarimeters at PITTCON 2016

With a refractometer and polarimeter for nearly every industry – from pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, sugar refining, brewing, and more, ATAGO is ready to find a perfect fit for everyone.


Featuring exceptionally reliable benchtop refractometers like the RX-5000i Plus with an accuracy of ± 0.00002 refractive index and ± 0.010% Brix, these instruments are ready to be used to ensure the highest degree of quality for virtually any sample. The RX-007α for low concentration samples can detect even the slightest changes in concentration of a sample with an accuracy of ± 0.000010 refractive index and ± 0.005% Brix.


ATAGO will also be showing the PRM and CM series of in-line refractometers, designed to be directly implemented in the manufacturing line for maximum efficiency. The PRM-100α features accuracies of ± 0.00010 refractive index and ± 0.05% Brix, allowing for automation of the quality control process while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.


Also being shown are ATAGO’s industry-leading polarimeters. The SAC-i 589/882 is capable of measuring angle of rotation at an accuracy of ± 0.005˚ at both 589nm and 882nm, ideal for the sugar industry and pharmaceutical industry. The RePo Refractometer/Polarimeter Hybrid combines the capabilities of both instruments to make an incredible convenient all-in-one instrument.


Come visit the ATAGO booth at PITTCON, Booth #1864 to see ATAGO’s whole line of instruments, along with their up-and-coming innovations.