Date: 02/13/2019  
Name of Company:  Fairleigh Dickinson University


Higher Education

Which ATAGO units do you currently use:


Type of Sample:

Organics; D-L Limoene; 2-Chlorobutane; Toluene

Which method did you use before:

Fisher Refractometer; Sodium Lamp Polarimeter


(What do you like the best about our unit?):

The versatility of the REPO-5 allows us to use it as a multifunction item in our lab. The repeatability of the results shows our students how well they have done In the lab too. Along with accuracy, the speed at which data is processed made it a fan amongst students AND instructors. 



Date: 02/4/2019  
Name of Company:  Water Street Coffee Joint


Food + Beverage

Which ATAGO units do you currently use:


Type of Sample:


Which method did you use before:

Electronic TDS meter


(What do you like the best about our unit?):

The Atago Pal-tea provides us with accurate and reliable data for the coffees we roast. The brix and TDS data from this device is essential in determining how to brew our coffee to an ideal balance.


Date: 10/24/2018  
Name of Company:  Riveridge Packing LLC


Apple Packer

Which ATAGO units do you currently use:


Type of Sample:


Which method did you use before:

We used the brix tester that required juice from the apple.


(What do you like the best about our unit?):

By using the PAL-HIKARi5 nondestructive brix tester for our apple sampling program we have decreased the time it takes for brix sampling by 75%. The nondestructive tester helped with improving the efficiency of our sampling program. Now we can simply place the PAL-HIKARi5 on the uncut apple and in 5 seconds we have the brix for the apple. No more sticky, juicy messes and destroyed apples. By using this tester we have doubled the amount of apples we are testing while lowering the amount of time we spend on testing.




Date: 10/24/2018  
Name of Company:  United States Olympic Committee


Sport Dietitian

Which ATAGO units do you currently use:

PEN-Urine S.G.

Type of Sample:


Which method did you use before:

Same method, but using PAL-10S


(What do you like the best about our unit?):

It is quick and easy to use. It allows me to be more efficient with my time, especially when assessing hydration samples from many athletes. It is also very travel-friendly (compact and secure case), which is necessary for us to conduct hydration testing while supporting athletes on the road, as they compete internationally. I bring my PEN refractometer with me to all training camps and competitions. 


Date: 10/16/2018  
Name of Company:  Sugaright - CSC Sugar


Sugar refining

Which ATAGO units do you currently use:

Refractometer RX-5000α

Type of Sample:

Liquid sucrose

Which method did you use before:

Handheld refractometer


(What do you like the best about our unit?):

I am very pleased with the refractometer RX5000α. It is accurate unit, easy to use and clean. I like the fact it compensates for the temperature which is displayed on the read-out. Well designed and well made. Quality product! 





Date: 08/23/2018  
Name of Company:  EFESTE





Date: 05/28/2018  
Name of Company:  Winery DE BERNARDI (Patagonia, Argentina)



Which ATAGO units do you currently use:

MASTER-T, PAL-BX/ACID2 (Grapes), PAL-Pâtissier 

Type of Sample:

Wine, grape juice (Vino)

Which method did you use before:



(What do you like the best about our unit?):

We like the precision and the quality on instruments, there is no competitor for ATAGO. 

Nos Gusta la precisión y la terminación final del equipo, no tiene competidores



Date: 04/18/2018

Company Name: SODAPASTA Realizaciones (Argentina)


  • Determine if people can taste the difference in flavor between regular Coca-Cola and Coke No Sugar.


M.A.R.T.A. (Multi Autonomous Robotic Tasting Artifact):

  • The participant is given only 1 glass with soda without telling which one it is.
  • After tasting it, the person must decide which soda was drank:  the same glass of soda is placed into the robot (with half a full glass so that M.A.R.T.A. can also "taste" it) and press the button corresponding to the person’s choice.
  • The robot analyzes the liquid with ATAGO PEN-HARVEST, and informs according to the button pressed if the participant guessed correctly or not.
  • In case of success, the pressed button lights green and the robot raises the arm from the selected button.
  • In case of error, both buttons turn red and no arm is raised.
  • In either case, the robot speaks a random phrase related to the success or error.

Nombre de Compañía: SODAPASTA Realizaciones (Argentina)

Proyecto: Modelo Avanzado Robótico de Testeo Automático (M.A.R.T.A.)


  • Determinar si el público puede diferenciar el sabor entre Coca-Cola regular y Coca-Cola Sin Azúcar.

M.A.R.T.A. (Modelo Avanzado Robótico de Testeo Automático):

  • Al participante se le da solo 1 vaso con gaseosa sin decirle cual es.
  • Luego de probarla, debe decidir cuál cree haber tomado: para esto introduce el mismo vaso en el robot (debe dejarle medio vaso lleno para que M.A.R.T.A. también la "pruebe") y oprime el botón correspondiente a su elección.
  • El robot analiza el líquido con ATAGO PEN-HARVEST, e informa según el botón oprimido si el participante acertó o no.
  • En caso de acierto, se enciende en verde el botón oprimido y el robot levanta el brazo del lado de dicho botón.
  • En caso de error, ambos botones se encienden rojos y no se levanta ningún brazo.
  • En cualquiera de los casos el robot emite una frase aleatoria relativa al acierto o al error.



Date: 11/27/2017

Company Name: Airfield Estates Winery

Industry: Winery

Sample: Wine Grapes & Juice

Which ATAGO instrument: PAL-BX/ACID2

Which method was used: Hydrometer and titrations

Comments: This model was a life saver for us this harvest, we typically run thousands of grape samples for brix and acid and it is very time consuming.  By having the ease and accuracy of only having to use one piece of equipment saved us countless lab hours and lots of money.  This unit paid for itself with the 1st two weeks of harvest.

Name of Company:

 Catania Oils



 Food Industrials


Which ATAGO units do you currently use:



Type of Sample:

 Vegetable oils and Olive oils


Which method did you use before:





Robust, user friendly design.

We like the big screen, big sample chamber which is easier for operator to fill oil and do cleanup.

Precision and repeatability is excellent as well!

Robust, user friendly design. (Food Chemist)




22 de Mayo, 2017


Nombre: Licda. Jessica Salazar

Hemos estado utilizando el modelo DOM-24 para realizar nuestros controles durante las auditorías a plantas.

Respecto al equipo tengo los siguientes comentarios:

  • Es un equipo de fácil manejo.
  • Es de suma utilidad el que el equipo nos de valores de Temperatura, Ácidos Grasos Libres y Compuestos Polares Totales al mismo tiempo.
  • Nos ayuda muchísimo a llevar controles en arranques de producción y en la  línea de proceso.
  • Es de fácil limpieza y de suma utilidad que sea portátil y liviano.
  • Ayuda a ahorrar costos en emplear un área específica para realizar estos análisis por medio de métodos de titulación, etc. No se gasta en insumos, reactivos y equipo de laboratorio.  
  • Es una ventaja que no emplea tiempo en cargarlo, es más útil que sea con baterías.
  • No ha presentado ningún tipo de falla.

Es un equipo que presenta muchísimas ventajas y ha sido de mucha utilidad para poder llevar los controles que necesitamos. No dudamos en recomendarlo.


May 22nd, 2017


Contact: Jessica Salazar

We have been using DOM-24 for our quality control audits in our plants.

In regards to the instrument, below are my comments:

  • It’s a practical unit.
  • It is a great advantage that this instrument provides values for Temperature, AV and Total Polar Materials at the same time.
  • It helps us keep control of the oil at the beginning and during production process.
  • Easy to clean, portability and lightweight.
  • Reduces costs. No need for a designated area to run tests and analysis via titration, etc. No more wasting money on reagents, supplies and lab equipment.
  • Battery operation is an advantage.
  • Has not presented any malfunctions.

It is a unit that offers several advantages and has been very useful throughout the data analysis that we need. We definitely recommend it.







     All started in 1919 when Isaac Carasso is the first Danone yogurt with fruit pulp in Barcelona. In Barcelona, Spain? Yes, the first yogurt with fruit pulp was made in Spain, and only in 1929 is founded Danone in France. However, the group went international in fact with the merger of BSN with Gervais Danone in 1973, which brought together two ambitious companies, creating a powerful drive that was destined for success. Danone arrived in Brazil in 1970, through a partnership with Dairy Pocos de Caldas. Already innovative at the time, launched here a new and very tasty product: yogurt with fruit pulp.

Use of the RX-5000i equipment ATAGO is essential for the quality control of our products; it is possible to monitor the correct degree of Brix for the production of the best yogurt in the world happen.





Portable refractometers we acquire are practical easy cleaning and operation, and most importantly, the result is accurate.

  Used specifically for measuring ARLA32 comes attend satisfactorily with a low cost including on-site visits.









Refractometer is the Pocket Pal-1


We use the refractometer to measure the density of the cooling system fluid found in the trucks of our customers are within the MAN specification. When they are not, make the correction with the additives recommended by MAN, again using the refractometer to the conference, as was dilution after correction.


The Refractometer Pocket Pal-1 is very easy to use that we are very pleased with the reliability of the results presented. Readings are easy to take, and is easy to clean. We have nothing negative to say about the Pocket Pal-1



Cafés de Especialidad de Chiapas, S.A.P.I. de C.V (CAFESCA) is the only producer of lyophilized coffee in Mexico and Central America. We are located inside the Strategic Fiscal Precinct from Port of Chiapas (southeast of the Mexican Republic), the only one in the country at the seaport. We are a proudly chiapaneca company dedicated to the production of lyophilized coffee for national and international distribution. We are part of ECOM Group, one of the three main commercial businesses of coffee in the world. During the elaboration of lyophilized coffee, we used ATAGO refractometers at the EXTRACTION PROCESS to monitor the concentration of liqueur coffee or syrup, as a quality department we need to make sure that the product is under the requirements and to assure ourselves we use the model RX-5000i because it is automatic, easy to use, very stable, trustworthy and the calibrations take no longer than 3 minutes.

Besides this model, our colleagues from the production department are using hand held PAL pocket refractometers to monitor the extracts. We use ATAGO because we have had excellent feedback and experience with the equipment, they are very precise and long lasting for the industrial use, and especially for the Instant Coffee, where a high or low concentration can influence our final product results and that is why the RX-5000i, gives us confidence to standardize the Brix suitable for concentrated coffee extract. 

The RX-5000i, gives us the confidence to standardize the Brix suitable for concentrated coffee extract.


In the quality department we use the RX-5000i equipment to monitor the concentration of syrup, and from the percentage of Brix we process the analysis of acidity, filter soluble solids, and cupping (sensory) and last, we proceed to the lyophilization step, this is done once product meets the safety requirements and specifications.


Extracts tend to be diluted in 9.0 – 12% Brix

Coffee syrup or extract: 50 – 56% Brix

Written by:

Eng. Karina Morales

Head of Quality Control

Cafés de Especialidad de Chiapas, S.A.P.I. de C.V (CAFESCA)



Nombre de Compañía:

Farmaliquidos de Colombia S.A.S 



Que equipo(s) ATAGO utiliza:

 Polarimetro Repo-1




Tipo de Muestra:

 Dextrosa solución Inyecyable

 Dextrose Solution injectable



Que metodo utilizaba antes de usar ATAGO:





Comentarios (¿Qué es lo que más le gusta del equipo?):

La facilidad, rapidez y precisión del equipo para analizar la muestra 

The ease, speed and precision of the equipment to analyze samples.














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